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He found retirement quite boring. He planned to spend three hours a day on it and be able to take his kids to school.

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Along with his air miles pointers, Burgess writes hotel reviews, business and first-class flight reviews — he flew Emirates First Class this year — and he even took home Editor of the Year at the Business Travel Journalism Awards this year. You can always cash them out for an Amazon gift voucher as well.

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The final myth is that you need to fly a lot for work to earn miles. Nothing could be further from the truth. Credit card sign-up bonuses are now the best way to earn lots of miles in the UK and US. You would need to fly 20 return trips between London and Manchester to earn an equivalent amount! Canny use of their promotions can make a real impact.

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At one point last year Tesco offered the equivalent of 60, miles for taking out a pre-paid mobile phone contract. British Airways also has a household account scheme. You can pool your miles amongst your family to make it even easier to reach enough for a decent reward. Start with something simple — perhaps return flights to Europe — but treat yourself by booking in Business Class.

Spend an hour or so pre-flight taking it easy in the lounge and enjoy an empty middle seat, better food and champagne on the plane. The views and opinions expressed within the content of these articles are those of authors and contributors and not those of American Express.


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